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Curriculum und Lehrveranstaltungen des Bachelor- oder Masterstudiums Das Biologie Bachelor- und Masterstudium kombiniert zumeist theoretische als auch praktische Inputs im Curriculum. They are familiar with the subject-specific representations and the technical vocabulary, and can communicate with those whose fields of study are related to other engineering disciplines. Die FH Salzburg bietet ihren 3.000 Studierenden in den Disziplinen "Ingenieurwissenschaften", "Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften", "Design, Medien & Kunst" sowie "Gesundheitswissenschaften" beste akademische Ausbildung mit hohem Praxisbezug. FH Salzburg. FH Salzburg GmbH contact details: Human Resources and Legal Affairs department, Urstein Süd 1, 5412 Puch bei Hallein, +43 (0)50 2211 1012, humanresources@fh-salzburg… They can, within the framework of a structured and integrative planning process, develop design strategies and planning-related strategies. Best-practice examples are analysed and demonstrated with the help of the objects implemented. The economic indices (cash flow, ROI, liquidity etc.) The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions. Wir sind vom 24.12.2020 bis 04.01.2021 im Weihnachtsurlaub. They can summarise, present and defend the important aspects of a project plan. Mag. They understand the important relationships in the subject areas of energy and building technology. They know the basic principles of the calculation methods for idealising the bearing structure taking the storage, joints and building materials as well as the effects of loads and deformations into account. They also become familiar with computer-aided facility management. You have to choose one from each institution: Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS), Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (PLUS) The elective courses comprise. They can also describe the important characteristics of the building within the framework of the systems in question. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. The students are now able to independently and successfully manage projects even with respect to quality assurance. Construction and Building Technology Competences 3. The students have an overview of the planning law and can identify and utilise the instruments of land-use planning that are associated with the planning law and the specifications (which relate to the planning law) associated with the permissibility of construction projects. search. The students acquire knowledge of the basic principles, models and techniques of teamwork. They learn how to use the practical and theoretical knowledge that they have acquired in a professional environment. Aktuell läuft die Bewerbungsfrist der Studienassistenzstellen an der Universität Salzburg. This module gives the students an overview of the system of jurisprudence associated with the construction sector. In addition to heat and refrigeration engineering, the other technical subsections of sanitary, ventilation and electrical engineering as well as options for central and local solutions in the building are considered. The students can write a bachelor's thesis based on practical considerations. This website uses cookies. The course covers the methods associated with environmental management on the basis of ISO EN 14001 ff. Rückblick 2019; Rückblick 2017; Rückblick 2014 ; ITs Project Award. They are also capable of discussing new developments. The students are familiar with the construction terminology. FH Salzburg - Portfolio Toggle Navigation. The involvement of companies is a key success factor for the development of new training concepts. The students are capable of assessing the environmental relevance of the production processes and products that are found in the construction industry and the field of architecture. In the foundations of Energy Technology the students learn about the spectrum of field of technology and are made familiar with the essential areas of classic energy technology and the newer regenerative energy generation. FH DAY 29.01.2021 FH Open Campus - Infoabend 05.03.2021 07.05.2021. They also possess detailed knowledge regarding utilization of said products in buildings. The students are trained to analyse and assess construction projects. Likewise, the right to data transmission can be communicated to Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH via the contact details specified below. In the course, the students gain insight into the analytical geometry in the two and three-dimensional space. Building Automation Technology, Information Technology and Energy Technology. The course imparts the skills that make it possible to prepare, carry out and review the accounting-related tasks, as well as the skills that enable the students to correct prices and carry out and check the tasks associated with production invoices, partial invoices and final invoices. Furthermore, they are familiar with the instruments that facilitate the efficient utilisation of the said resources. Furthermore, they can use the relevant technical rules and apply the said rules to secondary disciplines. It imparts specialised technical knowledge in a selected subject associated with energy-conscious and energy-optimised construction, and trains the students to communicate in English. The students acquire the ability to differentiate between personal and external intellectual property as well as justify and argue for their approach. FH-Professor at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Salzburg, Österreich 410 Kontakte. Students get to know about the facts regarding environmentally-friendly construction. Melanie Kriegseisen-Peruzzi's 3 research works with 1 citations and 162 reads, including: Working Teams for working robots. They know the important parameters on which a building design is based. The students use the geometric presentation process to develop their spatial sense and are in a position to prepare accurate drawings. The students are capable of classifying their field of study with respect to social, historical or legal references. They are in a position to determine constructive structures and joining principles of buildings and thus understand the dependencies between construction, form and design. Knowledge of designing and testing of software is imparted in practical practice sessions. June 12th - 13th 2017 | Salzburg, Austria | www.idsc.at The 1st International Data Science Conference (iDSC 2017) organized by Salzburg University of … The students acquire knowledge of the basic mathematical principles especially for the field of energy engineering. Filter criteria. They can communicate and discuss their plans and the project-relevant and constructive aspects of the said plans. The students acquire planning-related abilities and are skilled in using and integrating analogue and digital technology. Approximately 385 staff and more than 900 external lecturers work across all Salzburg University of Applied Sciences locations: Campus Urstein Campus Kuchl, Uniklinikum Salzburg and Kardinal Schwarzenberg Klinikum. Furthermore, they are taught to integrate the special technological knowledge of the structural planning process, material science, structural physics and the building technology into an integral scheduling process. Die AbsolventInnen des Studiengangs „Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege sind zur Ausübung des Berufes der diplomierten Gesundheits- und Krankenschwester/ des diplomierten Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegers berechtigt und haben zusätzlich eine fundierte wissenschaftliche Ausbildung an einer Fachhochschule absolviert. Knowledge of computer system components, operating systems, computer networks as well as basic Internet technologies and basic knowledge of structured and object-oriented software development including relevant software tools is imparted. Pädagogische Hochschule Salzburg Stefan Zweig Akademiestraße 23-25 | 5020 Salzburg | Tel. At the end of this course, the students will have basic knowledge of project management, especially of the central elements project and structure plan, deadline, resource and cost planning, cost monitoring as well as controlling and reporting. The course can also cover the relevant legal and economic subjects and developments. FH Salzburg. 40 researchers study the interplay between humans and computers in order to enable desired interactions and explore desirable futures. The students are introduced, within the framework of the course, to matters associated with the displaying and the utilisation of building certificates. Immer mehr Studierende gehen ins Ausland. The respective function and joints of the components wall, façade, floor and roof are explained. The skill of seeing constructive problems holistically and to develop them as such is dealt with extensively. Die FH Salzburg bietet ihren 3.000 Studierenden in den Disziplinen "Ingenieurwissenschaften", "Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften", "Design, Medien & Kunst" sowie "Gesundheitswissenschaften" beste akademische Ausbildung mit hohem Praxisbezug. They systematically develop the bachelor thesis which is oriented towards the specialisation subjects. Basic principles and in-depth knowledge about topics such as biomass, near-surface geothermal energy and active solar energy use (solar heat and photovoltaics) are imparted. They can justify and argue for their approach, and illustrate the interconnections with the internship. The students acquire the basic knowledge of verbal and non-verbal communication. Planning competencies as well as the use and integration of analogue and digital techniques are developed further. They are familiar with the legal framework conditions. Students get an overview of the ecology of raw and building materials and the methods for assessing their sustainability aspects − from renewable resources to production processes up to recycling concepts. The tasks in the company should be connected to the key course elements of the degree programme and should be carried out in line with the project. The OWS is conceived as a comprehensive programme, which comprises scholarships and special study expenses, ... (Uni Salzburg, Uni Innsbruck, FH Salzburg, MCI, FH … are covered, along with the legal forms of companies and the required analysis-related and planning-related instruments. Rückblick 2019; Rückblick 2017; Rückblick 2014 ; ITs Project Award. The students are capable of planning, designing and dimensioning construction-related technical systems in facilities. Eine Voranmeldung für den Digital Expert Lehrgang 2021 ist ab sofort möglich. 07.01.2021 14:05 FH Münster setzt sich beim Förderprogramm HAW.International durch Katharina Kipp Pressestelle Fachhochschule Münster. The students are capable of using a current case study to illustrate the aspects of smart buildings and the trends associated with them. The students are capable of communicating effectively in English in typical industry-related contexts. The students are acquainted with the latest examples of the systems used in conjunction with smart buildings and the applications of the said system. Current examples that emerged from practical experience are analysed, described and discussed within the group. Established in 2005 as research unit at the former ICT&S Center, currently approx. The students become familiar with the important measures associated with the functional, thermal and energy-oriented reconstruction of existing structures and building structures. In this course, the course contents that are covered within the framework of the 'smart building' topic are illustrated and discussed on the basis of examples that demonstrate the best practices that are used domestically and internationally. Schöne Feiertage! The students have sound knowledge to use instruments of building planning (according to planning law) as well as the regulations for permissibility of construction projects according to planning law. This is also the case with the new degree program of FH Salzburg. They are also very well-acquainted with the manner in which the said systems are connected to smart grids, the function that they carry out within smart grids and the possible integration of e-mobility. 4 Bachelor Programmes | 5 Master Programmes, 5 Bachelor Programmes | 3 Master Programmes | Continuing Education, 3 Bachelor Programmes | 4 Master Programmes, 7 Bachelor Programmes | 4 Continuing Education, Environmental Accounting | Life-Cycle Costs, Building Energy Certification 2 – Energy Consultant, Building certifications 2 (certification systems), International construction projects: Best practice, Smart Building Constructions 3 - Expertise, Smart Building Systems 3 − Expertise, Admission Requirements for Bachelor Programmes, Admission Requirements for Master Programmes, Semesters 1, 3, 5: courses held only in winter semester (mid-September to end of January), Semesters 2, 4, 6: courses held only in summer semester (mid-February to end of June), weekly contact hours over 14 weeks in semester (example SWS 2 equals 28 contact hours for the whole course, Work load in ECTS credits, 1 ECTS credit equals an estimated 25 hours of work for the student, Indicates categories for incoming students. During the course, the students will also get a general insight into the basic principles of civil engineering and/or the infrastructure. This accompanying seminar reflects and analyses topics and examples that are drawn from the course (the selected chapters dealing with the construction of smart buildings). Furthermore, group activities are used to teach them teamwork. Salzburg University of Applied Sciences offers its 2700 students a first-rate academic education with a strong practical orientation in the following disciplines: Engineering, Business and Social Sciences, Design, Media and Arts, and Health Studies. The students acquire knowledge for assessing their efficiency and performance limits. Mit dem Fokus auf Innovation in Forschung und Lehre sowie der internationalen Orientierung wird die FH Salzburg zur … The students are capable of carrying out a systematic analysis in order to reflect the strengths and weaknesses of their own and their resources' expertise. The students acquire basic knowledge for calculating, planning and implementing necessary heat protection measures in the building, reducing heat bridges, as well as avoiding loads that endanger components due to humidity. The students can independently carry out written tasks in a systematic manner. The students can independently carry out written tasks in accordance with scientific methods. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. The course contents are covered with the help of role-playing games and presentations. You can redraw your consent to using these cookies at any time. Used by DoubleClick (Google Tag Manager) to help identify the visitors by either age, gender or interests. Die FH Salzburg ist die starke Hochschule im Westen Österreichs und steht für Innovation und Relevanz. Degree programme: MultiMediaArt Type: Master programme Academic degree: Master of Arts in Arts and Design, MA Duration: 4 Semester / 120 ECTS* Contact & Information materials: The students become familiar with the individual classification grades of the quality labels, the achievable categories and potential options for optimisation. Coding Club Salzburg; Termine; Anmeldung Coding Club; Data Science Conference. Students learn to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings and designs using professional CAD software and get insight into the digital designing methods. They are able to recognise and rectify practical problems in the execution of the project as well as interpretation problems. Differences between new constructions and existing constructions are shown. Its goal is to build the foundation for success in the test that must be taken by environmental consultants. The lecture provides an insight into the concept of 'Sustainable development in the construction area'. In addition, they have an understanding of the correlations and structures in the construction industry. They are introduced to techniques of representation and presentations. Moreover, the basic knowledge for natural as well as artificial light supply to buildings is also imparted to the students. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. They acquire knowledge about building regulations and structures of building constructions and basic knowledge regarding load-bearing capacity and usability of structures. projects; creators; login ; DI Brigitte Jellinek - Lecturer I am both a lecturer and the department head for web and mobile development. Individual social competence and communication-related competence 2. Students have a basic understanding of the architectural quality that the desire for a tangible, spatial structure and aesthetics must be expressed in addition to the pure function. They are qualified to read, interpret and modify professional construction plans. Furthermore, they will know the methods used for quality management as well as for reviewing the expected competent performance. Functional building design requirements, historical background and development of individual building typologies, implementing the surface structure/space allocation and utilisation plans in a building structure, resource and surface efficiency, efficiency requirements with respect to building designs, site influences on the building design, requirements from planning and construction work flows. The students possess detailed knowledge about the latest topics and systems associated with the domains of building management, the automation systems that are used in buildings and energy management. In particular, the students learn about the workflow that is used within a professional environment and the manner in which the different groups are organised. Zum Vernetzen anmelden Fachhochschule Salzburg. They become familiar with the relevant specialist literature and research literature. The students know computer system and network basics. It is organised in a manner that makes it possible to achieve and document the set goals in the specified time. They become familiar with the most important assessment parameters, such as the parameter associated with the highly efficient use of resources (especially energy, water and materials) in all the relevant domains and a simultaneous reduction of wastage and the magnitude of the health-damaging and environment-damaging effects. They systematically develop the bachelor thesis which is oriented towards the specialisation subjects. The students are familiar with the basic engineering-related and scientific relationships between the structural physics and the statics. Solar rays through glass surfaces. They can use the tools they have already learnt and develop an integral energy concept taking into account the usage requirements, building technology, sustainability and energy efficiency. With the help of these cookies we strive to improve our offer for our users. The students acquire the expertise associated with the following activities: Discussing current (case-based) examples from the domain of innovative building technology, creating memos, reports and a brief version of a project proposal, presenting and defending a project. Students acquire detailed knowledge of Mathematics, Systems Theory, Informatics, Control Systems, Data Analysis and Circuit Design. The students learn basic principles in the fields of mechanics, radiation, heat and electromagnetism. Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. The students get an overview of the construction and building typologies depending on their specific use. They can create exemplary representations of constructive and detailed solutions associated with the technical systems in buildings. In project 1 Smart Building, the students use planning resources from the basic modules in their own work. The connection between solid construction, frame construction (timber and steel construction) as well as the principles and typologies of the load-bearing systems are known. Alles zum Masterstudium Smart Buildings in Smart Cities an der FH Salzburg: Anzahl der Studierenden, Dauer, Abschluss, Kosten, Studienplan, Voraussetzungen, Inhalt und Berufsfelder. The students receive the following types of information: Introduction to the quality management system and its significance; DIN EN ISO: the large-scale amendment of ISO 9000; QM-related terms: Quality-related terms, management-related terms, product term in the field of QM, product categories, services, the DIN EN ISO 9001 norm, interpretation of the requirements associated with the norm (with respect to practical considerations), documentation, Q-methods (Ishikawa diagram, Pareto diagram, FMEA), reliability, inspection techniques and application, relationships between the methods. : +43 662 6388-0 search the fh-salzburg.ac.at's website. They are well-acquainted with the subject-specific manner of representation and the technical vocabulary, which enables them to communicate with those whose fields of study are related to other engineering disciplines. architects, building companies, sponsors). FH Open Campus - Online 03.12.2020 15.04.2021 01.07.2021. Discussions and presentations dealing with current issues from the fields associated with smart buildings, energy technology and sustainability, expansion of subject-specific vocabulary, description of trends, processes, effects, role-playing games, presentations. They can utilise this basic knowledge and introduce it into secondary disciplines. Based on this, they can develop complete solutions for the system of a smart building. Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Group of fields of study: Art Studies, Engineering Sciences. Search Engine New. Master Studium an der FH Salzburg - Holztechnologie und Holzwirtschaft 1. Ausbildungsprojekt für interessierte Studenten in Kleingruppen an der FH Salzburg: spezielle Vorlesungen, Labor- und Projektarbeit, Praktika bei Salzburg Research (ANC) Das Projekt EMIP bietet spezielle Vorlesungen, Labor- und Projektarbeit für eine beschränkte Anzahl von Studierenden im dritten FH-Ausbildungsjahr. Presentation methods, identification, analysis and handling of risks (risk management) in building technology, building management and building automation. The students are capable of assessing existing systems and buildings with respect to their functions and further development. After obtaining this basic knowledge, the students become competent in the use of ecological information for planning-relevant tasks and when conducting independent or guided ecological tests in study projects. The case study analysis-teaching concept encourages practical implementation of theory. Hinter diesem Erfolg stehen alle Mitarbeiter_innen in Lehre, Forschung und Services. The maximum duration is the prescribed duration of the curriculum plus one semester. The lecture imparts basic knowledge of building planning and its significance for building construction design to the students. They obtain knowledge about building procedures and are able to overcome common problems and/or avoid them. The interdisciplinary curriculum draws on social sciences and IT, including areas like interaction design, natural-user interface development, image and signal processing, prototyping and psychology. The course contents are as follows: capital budgeting, financial planning, financing options, balance sheets and the terms that are commonly used in them, income statements, determination of the annual result and analysis of the annual financial statement. Fachhochschule Salzburg Single Sign On Sign in with your FHS Account! Mit dem Fokus auf Innovation in Forschung und Lehre sowie der internationalen Orientierung wird die FH Salzburg zur … The students become familiar with the basic principles associated with thinking in three dimensions and three-dimensional representation. The students are in a position to comprehend buildings as structural systems from the interplay of spatial arrangement and development, primary structure, building envelope and extension. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. The students become familiar with the basic principles associated with the ecology of the basic materials and the construction materials, and receive an overview of the subject of social sustainability. They are taught to edit and review calculation sheets. The said topics and examples are, within the context of the general developments in the domain of the construction of smart buildings, discussed by the seminar group. Bootcamp; RaceCopter; it's TowerPower; Studium. The students are introduced to the detailed calculation. The students become familiar with building-management systems and the facilities associated with communications, domestic engineering, notifications related to the utilisation of the buildings and danger alarm messages. They acquire basic knowledge for calculating the energy balance of a building and determining the comfort of spaces. This course either arranges visits to companies, construction sites and buildings featuring smart building systems (or, as the case may be, the entities that manufacture the components of the said systems) or uses technical lectures to provide the students with the relevant information. The participants learn, within the framework of the courses, to appreciate and assess the required programmes and products. Deine Bewerbung kannst du noch bis 06.01.2021 (Posteingang) an die Leitung am jeweiligen Fachbereich schicken:... Abberufungsantrag gegen den Rektor – und warum politisches Framing und Trump-Rhetorik... 12. Furthermore, they are well-acquainted with the central aspects of the quality assurance and environmental management processes that are used in the construction industry.

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