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Declare a vector of strings & take each string &insert to the vector. Using the toCharArray() method. Sort a String in alphabetically / ascending order. Once the count is captured using Scanner class, we have initialized a String array of the input count size and then are running a for loop to capture all the strings input by user . Advertisements. It also compare String based upon there value, and can be used to sort String alphabetically, if they are stored in List using Collections. According to compareTo() function a string is less than another if it comes before the other in dictionary order and a string is greater than another if it comes after the other in dictionary . Description. Constructing list of names. Sort the obtained array using the sort() method of the Arrays class.. So we need to compare two strings alphabetically i.e character by character. To sort strings in alphabetical order in Java programming, you have to ask to the user to enter the two string, now start comparing the two strings, if found then make a variable say temp of the same type, now place the first string to the temp, then place the second string to the first, and place temp to the second string and continue. For that, we will use the String class compareTo() method.. compareTo() in Java. compareTo() Java method does a sequential comparison of letters in the string that have the same position. compareTo() method can be accessed by the instance of String class. Convert a string str to char array by using str.toCharArray() method; Sort the char array ascending by using Arrays.sort method order. We can sort the vector using our own comparator function to sort the strings in alphabetical order. One solution is to use Java compareTo() method. In the given program, all strings are given as input from the console; and after sorting, all strings are printed into the console for verifying the sorting behavior. Sort Strings. Java - String compareTo() Method. You can do it by converting the string to char array and use methods of Arrays class in java.util package to sort. Syntax. The toCharArray() method of this class converts the String to a character array and returns it. In this method, if the first string is always lexicographically higher than second string, it returns a positive number. Lexical order is nothing but alphabetically order. Here compareTo() function is used to sort string in an alphabetical order in java.. compareTo() is a String class method which returns the lexicographical difference between two Strings(i.e compares two strings lexicographically). Java Example: Arranging Strings in an Alphabetical Order In this program, we are asking user to enter the count of strings that he would like to enter for sorting. In this article, we will discuss how we can compare two strings lexicographically in Java. This method compares this String to another Object. If you want to ignore case differences when comparing two strings, use compareToIgnoreCase( ), sort() method. To sort a string value alphabetically − Get the required string. Convert the given string to a character array using the toCharArray() method.. In this Java example, we will learn how to sort the characters of a string alphabetically in different ways. If you are truly comparing Strings alphabetically to arrange them in order, use compareTo() method from Comparable interface in Java. Java does not have a direct method to sort a string. Next Page . The method compareTo() is used for comparing two strings lexicographically in Java. For example, String ‘albert’ will become ‘abelrt’ after sorting. Learn to arrange an array of strings alphabetically using a simple Sava program. Introduction : Sometimes we need to sort all characters in a string alphabetically. Sorting in alphabetical order. Previous Page. Each character of both the strings … It creates a different string variable since String is immutable in Java. vectornames; for i=0:n-1 input each name; insert name into the vector End for loop.

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